Rider and dreams: A the origin of VIVI - VIVIEU

Everyone has a self-indulgent heart and a dream of wandering around the world.

On the vast plains, a handsome bike or motorcycle galloped along the straight road, leaving a lonely back. Everything is drifting away on the highway, this kind of plot is deeply imprinted in my mind, lingering.


Many years ago, my father came to Los Angeles. While chatting with my father, I wanted to ride the Rocky Mountains with my father. Due to work reasons and my father is far away in Hong Kong, there has been no time to make it happen. In August 2016, when my father's plane landed at Los Angeles Airport, I knew everything in my mind would become a reality! Maybe this is the last chance!


I know that as my father gets older and older, the less likely it is to stay with him. That trip to the Rocky Mountains may be the last time I have been with him for so long; and these are all brought to me by cycling, and I will continue to ride like this forever!


Many times, people are slowly changed on the road.

The first stop of our ride was Vancouver, and we trek all the way alone for 900 kilometers to Jasper National Park. Starting from the camp in Jasper National Park, we cycled through Pyramid Mountain, Patricia Lake, crossed the Icefields Parkway, and challenged different levels of routes in Banff National Park.Together, I met many young people who rode bikes and motorcycles. They wandered outside, from urban white-collar workers to rural thin young people, with a small amount of money and luggage, and it took more than a month to surround the Rocky Mountains. Sometimes they can’t wash themselves for several days. They’re so tired from riding that their waists and legs are sore. They have to continue riding. Why do they treat such a bitter behavior as enjoyment?


Later, I knew more and more people like this. Only then did I understand that when young, everyone needs to have a madness, not caring about others, just looking for their own rebellion, this is a step towards self-shaping. It is also an important process of wandering in nature, cultivating courage and enthusiasm for life, and understanding the wisdom of life. I must admit that if I hadn't been wandering for 2 months, I wouldn't understand such a group of people.


"You have time to do what you like, you should be proud."
"I never thought about being someone else, I just being myself."

I love mountain biking from the bottom of my heart! During the trip to the Rocky Mountains, I found a group of like-minded riders and found the value of self-existence. During this ride, my father and I had various problems with our mountain bikes. The slow speed made it difficult for me to find the passion for sprinting, the broken brakes made me almost fall, and the jammed chain made me crash. Fortunately, with the help of friendly and enthusiastic Canadians in the local area, the entire ride can be completed smoothly.


After returning to the United States, I have been thinking about a question: Is it so hard to find a green mountain bike with strong battery life, beautiful design, high quality, affordable price, and free switching?


Just do it. So, I contacted my friends and together established the VIVI electric bike brand.


The establishment of VIVI was not smooth. Fortunately, we have come all the way through hardships.It has gradually developed into a leader of electric mountain bikes and a practitioner of low-carbon life.


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